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Our hostel featured breath taking views of New York

Ben and Carl switch allegencies
Where the hell are we?!?

Eeeeeyyyy!! West Sii-ede

decisions, decisions!

mmmmmmmmm. hot dog, probably only 50% dog though...
Byker, byker, byker, bykeeer grove . . yeah!!

"That camera better not be on!!!"
Eeeeeyyyy!! West Sii-ede

The hostels orientation program welcomed us well

Despite a heavy schedule she still found time to pose with us

The thrilling UN building 
Carl shortly after the beheading

Ben hangs his head in shame of his act
Look twice!!!! It is in fact Ben in a cunning costume.

The real view from our window.

Can you spot Ben and Carl in this picture???

Hangin in the park

How cultured are we?!?

A busy new york crossing

Just like MacCauly Culkin in the Plaza Hotel

Looking down 5th avenue

He's a barbie girl in a barbie world

The Chrysler Tower

How did we get us all in the photo?!?

Planning tomorrow's adventure from our hostel

Ben unaware of the genius comedy of Dan

How big would it really be if it was at ground level?!?

Crazy boys

Carl at Ground Zero

At Grand Central Station

Jazz Club . . . nice

7th avenue at 103rd

Behold the mighty foot of Ben!

Can you tell it's the off season?

A rock, some trees and some buildings